The priests

Ever since the construction of the Church, the priests under the Jesuit Order were the clergy of Sacred Heart Church.

In recent years, other priests have come to the church, while other newly arrived foreign priests have lived at the church for less or longer period during their language education.

From 2019 the pastoral responsibility is given to the Franciscan order.

P. Tomislav Cvetko
(born 1964 – ordained 1992)
Stenosgade 4A
1616 København V
Mobil: 21 78 06 71


P. Tomaz Majcen
(born 1974 – ordained 2001)
Stenosgade 4A, 1
1616 København V
Mobil: 21 78 05 90


Other priests:

Priest for Italian Mass’: P. Robert Culat
Phone: 26 70 46 76

Priest for Mass in Extraordinary Ritual: P. Paul Marx
Phone: 44 53 00 39