The church choir

In its present form, the choir of Sacred Heart Church has existed for 38 years. The choir, which is involved in all High Mass’ and at the major liturgy feasts during the year, is currently (summer 2017) including the following members:

Elly Bruunshuus Petersen:Soprano 1
Elsebeth Søltoft:Soprano 2
Anh Tram Doan:Total of 1
Birte Windfeldt-Schmidt:Alt 2
Philip D’Auchamp:Tenor 1
Ole Kongsted:Tenor 2
Ulrik Hagemann:Bass

The choir, which over the years has been an important piece in the church’s daily life, is headed by the Church’s Kantor, le Kongsted. Kongsted was in 20 years curator at the music history Museum and Carl Claudius’ collection; Then from 1994 to 2016 he was a senior scientist in musicology at the research department of Royal Library. Kongsted’s background as music historian, scientist and composer has meant that – since his employment Dominica Gaudete 1982, 35 years ago – has been emphasising the Gregorian song and the Renaissance’s polyphonic church music; At the same time, the choir has felt an obligation to make modern Catholic church music, particularly vocal music by Danish Catholic composers. Many works that have been published by Kongsted in connection with his many years research activities have been used the first time at the mass’ in Sacred Heart Church.

For information about the respective repertoire of the choir, you can contact on; Subsidiary on Tel. 62 61 38 18/40 31 93 23. In general, you can meet the kantor at church coffee in the church hall after the Sunday Mass’.