Below you find a list of the Catholic websites. If you have any suggestions for a website that should appear on this list, please feel free to contact us.

Official site of the Catholic Church
Vatican home Page

Catholic institutions

DUK – Denmark’s young Catholics
Ømborgen, Catholic camp site and Course Center
Sankt Andreas Library

The Catholic neighboring parishes in the area

St. Ansgar’s Church, the Catholic cathedral in Bredgade
Sakramentskirken in Nørrebro
Sankt Assumption Church in Frederiksberg
Sankt Annæ Kirke on Amager
The nearest churches in southern Sweden can be found here

Other information

Catholic orientation, the diocese’s newspaper, Catholic online podcasting, Catholic NET-based journal
Church Calling website 
Information about Jesu Little Sisters
Academic Catholic, Catholic Lecture Association, the official website of the Norwegian Church
Karl Borromæusgruppen’s homepage
The vacation home Klitborg’s homepage