Jesus Heart Young Catholics is a local association under the Danish Young Catholics (DUK). Here in the parish we are responsible for activities for children and young from 0-30 age. The local board is primarily responsible for our activities and here sits:

Nickname:Mary-Jo Thomsen, chairwoman
Age:23 years
For daily:Studying Nursery

Nickname:Lea Noval, vice-chairwoman
Age:20 years
For daily:Studying Leisure Management

Nickname:Daniel Malheiro, cashier
Age:24 years
For daily:Studying Chemistry

Nickname:Christopher Bonde, board member
Age:23 years
For daily:Working at Skt. Ansgar School

What does JHUK do?
As a local association under DUK, it is our responsibility to involve children and young people in a community of faith. This can be done in different ways and in JHUK we have chosen to do that by holding various events. As a new local association start-up, we try in the first year various events in order to have a better overview of what and how our events are going to run best.

Our focus areas for 2017:

  • Youth Fairs
  • Children’s Group events
  • Annual festivals for the parish

Join us
To participate in our events you have to pay 100 DKK annually. Of the 100 DKK goes 75 DKK for enrolling in Denmark’s young Catholics and DKK 25 to JHUK. This DKK 25 goes to hold events, material purchase etc.

If you would like to be a member of DUK and participate in JHUKs events you can find a registration form in the porch.

What is Denmark’s young Catholics

Why join the Young Catholics in Denmark? It’s very simple! DUK creates the basis for children and young people to be involved in a national community of faith! DUK organises annual summer camps, weekend camps, first communion and firm weekends and international events.

At DUKs camps you get friends and experiences for life! you share beliefs with peers Catholics from all over the country

If you have any questions about DUK or our events please ask us or contact DUK on the website: www.duk.dk