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Volunteers needed! The more the merrier!

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Commonly asked questions about the administration of the sacraments and other practical matters


Contact information:

Parish priest: Niels Engelbrecht 

Phone: 00 45 30 54 21 18

E-mail adress:


Mass times:


11.00: High Mass with choir.

20.00: Low mass.


The 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month at 18.00:

Tridentine mass in Latin.



18.00: Weekly Italian mass.



17.00: Mass. 


The Presbytery:

During the day, there is usually someone to answer the door. However, you are welcome to ring in advance to make an appointment with the person you wish to see.

Evening and night:

At present it is unfortunately not possible to leave messages on the answerphone. Please, use the following e-mail address:  


The church council

The council was elected in March 2010 and will be in office until 2014.

After each meeting the council publishes a report on the homepage and in the weekly newsletter, which you may find in the church vestibule.

Chairman: Denice Jørgensen, mail:


The sacristan

Mate Rada is the sacristan. His work consists mainly of the daily cleaning and caretaking of the church and its environs. If you have any queries regarding practical details in connection with baptisms, weddings or funerals, please contact the sacristan by going into the sacristy after mass.


The Parish Office

Please use the electronic form on this page if you and your family have any of the following relevant information:

·         Change of address and or telephone number and e-mail address

·         Change of name

·         If you have just arrived in the parish, or will be doing so soon

To school-leavers and their parents:

Please do remember to notify both your parish church and the Episcopal Office when you move house – this is often forgotten when “children” leave home! You can use the form on this page for the purpose. Do include your own address, e-mail and telephone number, please. 


Volunteers needed! The more the merrier!

Every member of the congregation is important!  Without the tireless work of volunteers from the congregation very little work would get done.  However, there is always something that does not get done. If you can see a task that no-one seems to have time to do, then do, please, volunteer to help.

Fill in the electronic form below if you would like to help. Remember to give us either your phone number or your e-mail address, please, so we can get in touch with you.


Internet links in English

The official Catholic homepage in Denmark

The Vatican homepage

If you know of a site you feel we should have included, please send us details of it.


Parish Magazine in Danish
Here we publish the Parish Magazine, but, unfortunately, only in Danish. You need Adobe Reader installed in order to download it. If you would prefer to have the magazine sent to you by post, or by e-mail please contact the editor.


Church calendar

In the calendar on the homepage, you will find information about holy days, Sunday and daily masses, church socials, and many other activities, most of which will be posted up to three months in advance.


Commonly asked questions about the administration of the sacraments and other practical matters:



By Danish law, births must be registered  in the  parish office of the Danish Lutheran-Evangelical Church irrespective of which denomination you belong to.  The easiest way to find out where to go is to use There you enter your address in the online form to find out which parish you are registered in.

Please note these important facts: births must be registered within two days and the relevant authority is the parish office of whichever parish the baby’s mother resides in, irrespective of whether the child’s parents are married or not, are Danish citizens, or of other nationalities, and irrespective of the family’s religious convictions.  If the parents of the child are not both Danish citizens, you may want or have to register the birth with your own Embassy or Consulate as well.

When registering a birth, you will need the following papers: birth certificates or a Danish certificate of baptism for both parents of the child, or a corresponding legal registration of your name and, when applicable, your marriage lines (wedding certificate).



Baptism (whether of children or adults) can take place either during Sunday Mass or at other times. Please contact either Father Niels Engelbrecht or Father Gerhard Sanders to make arrangements.

First Communion

A big day for your child and the whole family. Preparation for first communion usually takes place when children are 7-8 years old. Our classes start every autumn. Check the link to førstekommunion, please.



Confirmation, known as firmelse in the Catholic church in Denmark in order to distinguish it from the Lutheran ceremony, is a sacrament of the Catholic church and has existed since the first century.

“Confirmation is regarded as the perfection of Baptism, because, as the introduction to the Rite of Confirmation states: by the sacrament of Confirmation, [the baptized] are more perfectly bound to the Church and are enriched with a special strength of the Holy Spirit. Hence they are, as true witnesses of Christ, more strictly obliged to spread and defend the faith by word and deed.” This quotation is from where you can read more if you want to brush up your knowledge.

This sacrament is administered once, usually to teenagers between the ages of 15-17 who have attended Confirmation classes. It is also administered to baptized adults who join the Catholic Church. See the link to firmandundervisning.


Joining the Catholic Church

St. Ansgar’s (the Catholic Cathedral of Denmark) holds a course of instruction for adults who wish to join the Catholic Church, which we recommend. When you feel certain that you do want to become a Catholic, contact the parish priest to make arrangements for individual preparation.



Please contact the parish priest in good time (approximately six months in advance) to make arrangements: date, time and preparation classes.

Please note that in order to be married in the Catholic Church both parties must be free to do so. This means that you must either be unmarried in the sense of never having been married, or be a widow or widower.  Divorcés are not legally free to marry in the Church, unless an Episcopal court has ruled in the case. For more advice about this, please contact the parish priest.

Generally speaking, any legally contracted marriage is binding in the eyes of the Church.



Anyone who has been associated with Jesu Hjerte Kirke may be buried from the church. Usually the requiem mass will be celebrated by one of our priests, but by arrangement with the parish priest another Catholic priest may do so. Obviously, it is most often members of the parish who are buried from the church, but it is not a requirement that the deceased has lived in the parish. Arrangements for funerals are made with the parish priest. Likewise, requests for prayers for the dying or for extreme unction should be made either to Father Engelbrecht or Father Sanders.


The Church Hall

It is possible to rent the church hall for various functions. This again is the responsibility of the assistent priest, Father Sanders.


Change of Address

If you change your name, address, telephone number or e-mail address, please notify us, preferably by e-mail to



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